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Next Generation Sequencing

Scalable to fit your needs

     Vishuo Biomedical (Thailand) Ltd is a unique and highly qualified consulting group providing a one-stop service for Next Generation Sequencing custom solutions to facilitate both clinical and research projects with proprietary technology and data analysis approaches. We are providing NGS service with:

  • Quality data with quick turnaround times

  • Technical consultation and timely project updates

  • Comprehensive data analysis with report including publication-ready figures and tables

  • Equipped with full range of Illumina and Ion Torrent Sequencer, as well as the PacBio Sequel system

     Send us your samples and let our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) expert team perform your NGS experiment. We offer a complete sequencing service including DNA/RNA QC, library preparation, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and biological annotation & interpretation of the results. 

NGS applications available at Vishuo Biomedical Thailand

Targeted Sequencing
Genome Sequencing WGS
Transcriptome Sequencing RNA-Seq
sRNA Sequencing
Exome Sequencing WES
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