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About Vishuo Biomedical Thailand

     Vishuo Biomedical (Thailand) LTD is a healthcare technology company established in 2016. It is one of the pioneers in providing a complete solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Bioinformatics in Thailand. Vishuo Biomedical (Thailand) LTD delivers genomic data, data analysis solution and interpretation to research institutes, universities, and healthcare providers. It provides a wide range of bioinformatics solutions to facilitate clinical and research projects with proprietary technology and data analysis approaches by bioinformatics team who has expertise across multiple aspects of genomics and discovery encompassing all fields of life science.

     Vishuo Biomedical (Thailand) Ltd has its headquarters in Singapore. Since 2012, our products and services have been dominating the biomedical market in China. The iCMDB platform has also been applied to multiple first-tier hospitals in Singapore, China, Thailand and USA. Our analysis workflow has been further reinforced through establishing sequencing facilities in these collaborating hospitals. iCMDB is certified by ISO13485:2003, and classified as a Class A medical device by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Our vision

To bridge biomedical big data and personalized medical care to improve patient outcome and quality of life.

Our core value

  • PRECISION: guarantee the credibility of our analysis

  • INTEGRITY: protect confidential information

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: responsibility to our stakeholders

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